Tuesday, October 13, 2009

September Happenings. . .

September was a busy month for the MacPherson family! I will update with pictures. :)

Luke loves to play with sticks. Any stick found in the yard creates countless hours of fun for him. This stick. . . err. . tree limb was way too big for him. But he still carried that thing around for the longest time. So funny!

We have taken Luke to the park several times. He absolutely hated the swing at first. Now, he loves it. We swung together, and he loved riding with mama!

Fun with Mr. Potato Head. Luke's aunt Sarah bought him Mr. Potato head a few weeks ago. The parts usually end up on his face, as you can see above, or in our sockets as you can see below. (I took out the top plug cover to vacuum and had not put the cover back in before Luke found it. Don't worry, no one was electricuted!)

Another picture of Luke and his favorite toy. . . a stick. What a cutie!!!

I have turned by sweet boy into quite a ham! I cannot get enough of him!

A little fun in the rain! It had been raining for days and days and we had cabin fever. We went into the garage, moved the car out, and played with some of the outdoor toys. . . and in the rain! So much fun!

We took this at the top of the St. Louis arch.

We went to St. Louis for two days. We went to see Tsegay and Almaz from Ethiopia. They are the couple that runs the House of Hope transition house that Luke was at for over four months. It was so important for us to go and visit them while they were in country. The above picture is when Tsegay saw Luke again for the first time. I can't say for certain what Luke was really thinking, however I do believe he knew who they were. He would get closer and closer to them to listen to them, but would not let them hold him. It was so great to see them again. They made us feel that we were at home when we traveled to pick him up.

Also in the month of September, we completed our 3 month post placement report! I cannot believe that we have been with this wonderful boy for 3 months! It feels that he has always been here. How did we ever go without him?

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